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Elsie Preston


Bachelor of Fine Arts ( Honours),Victorian College of the Arts, 2021
Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting), Victorian College of the Arts, 2018
VCE, Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School, 2015


Solo Exhibitions:



Pear, A Prisoner, KINGS Artist-Run, Melbourne

Say Not "Tracksuit", Savage Garden, Melbourne



Operation, Yarra Sculpture Gallery, Melbourne



Works by Elsie Preston, Spurs Gallery, Melbourne


Group Exhibitions:



TCB Fundraiser, TCB Gallery Melbourne



Conners Conners Fundraiser, Conners Conners Gallery, Melbourne

 And Shuffling, Conners Conners Gallery, Melbourne


VCA Graduate Exhibition, Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne
Unpredict, Ian Potter Museum of Art and Science Gallery, Melbourne
Up in the Gallery, Elsie Preston and Clare Longley, curated by NWEB, George Paton Gallery, Melbourne



Be Fruitful and Multiply, MUTUO Centro de Arte, Barcelona
West Space Annual Fundraiser; The Process of Making, West Space, Melbourne



Majlis Travelling Scholarship Finalist Exhibition, Margret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne
Second Nature, VCA Student Gallery, Melbourne
VCA Graduate Exhibition, Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne
Suite Loeffler, Loeffler Suite VCA, Melbourne
Under the Sign of an Erasure, VCA Student Gallery, Melbourne

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